It is #FilipinaFriday! So, here it is. My first post on a #FilipinaFriday 🙂 Let’s start: So…seriously! What is there not to love about Pia?! She is witty, down to earth, beautiful and has a good heart as far as I can tell – but there is more about this lovely human being! The most impressive thing she has done and proven to herself and to all of us is – if there is a will there is a way and that perseverance is the key to success! She is truly an inspiration. I am inspired by Pia Wurtzbach!!!

For some who haven’t heard of her, which I doubt… Pia Wurtzbach is a Filipina who became Miss Universe in 2016  and she is drop-dead gorgeous. In order to compete in a Miss Universe pageant, one must participate and win the national beauty pageant – in her case it was “Binibining Pilipinas” as she is from the Philippines . One might say that one has to win in such a competition and that she is pretty, which is the reason why she won it. Let me tell you this – she participated in the “Binibining Pilipinas” twice,  which is such a big thing in the Philippines that is broadcasted on live TV. She didn’t win the title though, hence wasn’t allowed to participate in the Miss Universe competition. This lady is really one of a kind, most of us probably would think, “I can’t do this again. I don’t have the skills or looks to continue. I should stop.”  After the first fall and definitely after the second attempt, but not in Pia’s case… She competed in the Philippines national beauty pageant three times in total! This is what I call determination and perseverance.

At her  third attempt it was definitely her time to shine. It was meant to be as she mastered her skills and showed her determination – she deserved to win it! Of course decisions like this are most likely to be backed up by family and friends. Behind every great person is a someone who believes in him/her who helps to stay motivated, focused and helps to trust in their own abilities. If you – Pia – ever read this article. Could you please tell me who helped you to stay focused and confident in your entire journey (especially on your third attempt)?

Every story is here to inspire us.

You might have just started college, are a recent graduate or already full-time employed – but everyone has aspirations in life. Some are bigger than others but each aspirations should be used as fuel to your very own success. 

Inspired by Pia Wurtzbach?

Then never stop dreaming.

Never stop dreaming inspired by Pia WurtzbachDreams are forever and you should not stop believing in them. Whether you have big, small, crazy or silly dreams – Dreaming is followed by wishing and is followed by the aspiration to do so and dreams will never let you lose your confidence. In Pia’s case, her dreams defined her – as you can see our imaginations can be quite powerful. We all know the sentence: “nothing is impossible” but I think we should still make sure when you aspire do to something that we know our strengths and a few limitations or else we will suffer from disappointments. Reflecting on our skills and dreams can help to reach our goals by knowing what to improve or develop. Besides what I have mentioned above…dreams also help to make us feel happy and distract us from the sometimes complicated world we live in even if it is just for a short time, which I think is nice 🙂 

Keep calm, have the will to succeed and be stronger than your (negative) feelings.

Determination be the girl who decided to go for it inspired by Pia WurtzbachLife is not always sweet – there will be fall backs. This is the time where you should stay calm. In Pia’s case, she didn’t let her drawbacks define her future. Feeling down or discouraged by negative results is normal but every day should be treated as a new beginning. She held on to her dream, stayed calm and embraced new opportunities. She knew she has the strength to become Miss Philippines and that she is able to become it. That’s why she stayed determined and continued to participate in the Philippines national beauty pageant. Her aspirations were more powerful than everything else. 

Dream, be determined, keep calm and don’t stop!

I hope you have a lovely weekend! Mwah


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